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What a Great Tennis Bag Provides

February 23rd, 2012

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Purchasing the perfect tennis bag won’t help you play better on the court but there is no doubt they can affect your game indirectly.

Many tennis bags seem similar and they are often a quick purchase for the busy athlete. However, when picking out a tennis bag, you should do your research rather than just pick the one that is designed with your favorite colors!

Choosing the right tennis bag can not only keep you organized but protect your most valuable pieces of equipment; your racquets.

A great tennis bag will defend your tennis racquets against water, moisture and heat damage. Some may not realize how often tennis players, or athletes of any sport for that matter, come in contact with extreme temperatures that can hurt their gear.

For instance, on a typical day at the court we not only expose our racquets to the temperature of hot, humid days but locker rooms with steamy showers, sweaty clothes jammed in the same bag and perspiring, leaky beverage bottles. If your racquet isn’t guarded from such exposer, we might as well be storing our racquets in a sauna.

Tennis equipment manufactures understand the damage that extreme temperature and moister can do to your racquets so they have developed technologies that protect against these factors. Wilson, for example, has employed the MoistureGuard to protect against moisture damage.

Not only does moisture cause a racquet to wear before its time, heat is just as destructive. Leaving your racquets inside the car on a hot day or exposing them to heat given off by hot asphalt can easily damage graphite racquets.

To combat heat damage, some of the Head tennis bags, like the Tour Team Monstercombi, feature a foil-like lining, called CCT+. CCT+ shields racquets from hot temperatures.

Not only does a great racquet offer protective advancements for your equipment, many of them offer convenience benefits that you can’t find in a typical duffle bag. Tennis bags today come with separated compartments for organization, specialized shoe compartments and pockets for extra items like a cell phone, wallet or whatever else you need to carry to and from the court.

No, a tennis bag will not directly improve your game, but they can save you both time and money by ensuring that you don’t have to replace worn out racquets.

By keeping you organized and protecting your gear from unnecessary wear, great tennis bags allow you to focus more on the game!


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