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Why you need a tennis ball hopper and how they are different

October 14th, 2011

filed in Tennis Lifestyle

Gamma Pro Plus 110 Ballhopper

Back in the day, tennis ball hoppers used to be simple. It was a basket that held about 50 balls with a handle that helped you pick the balls up.

Now a day, there are about 10 different types of tennis ball hoppers. You got ball hoppers that can pick up anywhere between 20 to 150 balls. You have ball hoppers that come in a long tube or that stand up so that you can feed out of them. You also have ball hoppers that roll on the ground.

Most of the small hoppers are used for individuals that have a ball basket with them at the court to do drills or to take extra serves or to fill up their ball machine. The bigger ball hoppers are generally for teaching pros who need them on their court to pick-up the endless amounts of balls that are hit every day.

Many of these teaching pro's travel from one location to another so they need large ball hopper's to move all their necessary ball's the each location.

As we all know, the more balls you hit, the better you get. So getting those tennis balls picked up quickly and efficiently with a tennis ball hopper is really your best option for your best game.

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