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A Player’s Look at Dunlop Biomimetic Tennis Racquets

July 25th, 2012

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Dunlop Tennis Racquets

Anyone who knows Dunlop knows that the company has a decades-long history of producing technologically superior racquets, and their newest line of racquets is no different.

The Biomimetic series is their most current line, and if you break down the word Biomimetic, then you’ll see the “bio” refers to things found in the natural world and “mimetic” is another way of saying mimic, so essentially, these racquets take the form of things found in nature.

The first thing you will notice about these racquets when you hold it is the “Aeroskin”, which mimics the skin of a shark. Basically, the outside of all Dunlop Biomimetic racquets have strategically-placed bumps (almost like goosebump size) that reduce drag and increase the racquet speed on your shots by up to 25%. The design was made to mimic a shark’s bumpy, almost sandpaper-like skin, to make it more aerodynamic like the ocean’s most dangerous predator.

Another major technology in place on the Biomimetic line of racquets is the HM6 Carbon, which reduces frequency and vibration by up to 10%. The structure of the sheets of Carbon is inspired by honeycombs, which are known for being light but structurally solid. What this leads to is a more powerful shot and a sturdier head when contact is made off center.

The last of the Biomimetic features is the grip, which is called the Gecko-Tac, named aptly for the reptile with the excellent grip under their feet. This grip is extremely tacky, so holding a precise and balanced grip should be no problem in even the worst of conditions. The texture repels sweat and other liquids, so even in the most humid climates, holding onto your racquet will not be an issue.

With all of these great features, you’re probably wondering which racquets you could find all of this on.

The racquet that features the best balance between power and control is the Biomimetic 300, which weighs about 10.2 ounces and has a middling 98 square inch headsize. If you’re looking for more control, I would recommend the 200 or 200 plus, which both offer more weight and smaller headsizes for the bigger hitters out there. For those looking for more power, I would recommend the 500 or 600, which both feature larger headsizes and lighter swingweights.

If you want a racquet that makes you feel closer to nature, as well as having a killer groundstroke, the Dunlop Biomimetic series may just be right for you.



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