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Babolat Tennis Shoe Review

February 15th, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews

Babolat Tennis Shoes

The Propulse 3 is the newest addition to the Babolat tennis shoe line, but you may recognize it as the signature Roddick shoe worn for years by one of the top American professionals. Still worn by Roddick and many other players of all levels, the Propulse 3 has new features that address some of the issues with its predecessor, the Propulse 2.

The style of the shoe looks like something taken from Back to the Future II, with multiple bright colors, a mesh lining on the outside of the shoe, a strap over the top of the laces as well as the heel of the shoe, and a sole built by Michelin, the tire company.

The main differences between this shoe and the Propulse 2 include the widening of the toe box, which is great for those with wider feet in general. The heel was also made narrower to address concerns over the heel popping up when pushing off. They have also made the shoe lighter, which appeals more to aggressive players looking for that extra half a step when playing long, grueling matches.

After breaking in the shoe for a day or two, you will find that the sole, despite being on the flat side, grips the arches of the foot and keeps away the soreness experienced with other court shoes. The low to the ground feel of the sole is the ultimate footwork enhancer, and is great for quick movements.

Since the shoe is lighter, the side support can be lacking for some that really want the older model tennis shoe feel, but for others, the freedom and flexibility makes it easier to move side to side. Some stability is given back with the strap over the top of the laces, which puts your foot in like a ski boot.

The Babolat Propulse 3 is also great for hot weather, and has some of the best ventilation of any shoe on the market. The mesh on top allows the material to breathe, so even when wearing thick socks or ankle braces, your feet stay nice and cool.

The only gripes about this shoe have to do with durability. If you’re an average player using the shoes a couple times a week, there most likely would be no concern, but if you are competitive and play almost every day for hours at a time, the thinner, lightweight soles will be worn through. Babolat does offer a 6 month guarantee on the soles of the shoes, and will send you another pair free of charge if they deem your shoes unplayable. The Men’s and Women’s Propulse 3 retail for around $109.

The other option from Babolat is the V-Pro All Court. This is an all court shoe designed to be lightweight, a little narrower than the Propulse, as well as more simplistic and less stylish in its design. The shoe plays similar to the Propulse, and shares a few specifications with it, but is a more stock shoe from Babolat. It still provides good support, ventilation, and retails at around $89. If you can do without the Roddick name and the flair of the Propulse, this is still a great shoe to be enjoyed by all levels.



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