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Head Tennis Shoes – More Comfort in Every Step

September 14th, 2011

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Head Tennis Shoes – More Comfort in Every Step

Growing up, I never heard technology and tennis shoes in the same sentence. Recently, one of my daughters expressed interest in taking tennis lessons and when we went to the tennis retail shop to purchase some necessary tennis gear, I read an advertisement for HEAD linking the brand with “breakthrough technologies.”  What does technology have to do with a tennis shoe, I thought to myself.  A friend of mine had recommended Head tennis shoes and when I tried them on my feet, I felt a pair of very comfortable and lightweight shoes. But I knew there had to be more to the shoes then just comfort.

I quickly learned that these tennis shoes were developed with technologies like Energy Bridge, Vi-Pod, and CXG Comfort Grid. The comfort grid has some protective benefits such as shock absorption guarantee and less foot fatigue. These stylish tennis shoes are also well-suited for a responsive performance on all types of playing surfaces. The Vi-Pod technology absorbs the energy of impact and distributes it to the entire foot, eliminating vibration and maximizing forward motion while the Energy Bridge provides torsion stability and increased transfer of power from the heel to the forefoot.

Not only are these athletic shoes attractive, they keep my feet cool with plenty of vents for releasing heat, which is a necessity here in Southern California. The tennis shoes are also “cushion'y” since the soft and flexible material provided comfort and flexibility when moving. I was able to wear the shoes for many hours, even after playing. I did not feel any pressure on my toes or any rubbing around my ankles and I know the heel support will benefit the girls as they learn the game.

I purchased these tennis shoes for all of us since Head makes tennis shoes for men, women and juniors. As the shoe fits your foot like a glove, it is also durable and appropriate for all different tennis court surfaces. Overall, Head tennis shoes are an impressive piece of athletic footwear.

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