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K-Swiss Tennis Shoes Standing by the K-Swiss Bigshot

September 14th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Shoe Reviews

K-Swiss Bigshot Tennis shoe

K-Swiss, the originators of stylish, premium tennis shoes are standing by their reputation with arguably the best shoe in the game today – the K-Swiss Bigshot. K - Swiss was the first to bring leather shoes to the game of tennis. Founded in 1966 by two Swiss brothers, K-Swiss has continued to build on its performance legacy with new footwear for serious players, as well as fashion savvy consumers.

K-Swiss tennis shoes have earned a reputation in the sports industry as having a durable design that represents quality and high-performance. Although the company has added other items to their product line, such as apparel, they continue to test the boundaries of shoe manufacturing and engineering.

Perhaps the most well-known shoe model, especially among avid tennis enthusiasts, is the K-Swiss Bigshot. Independently tested by P3 Sports Science Institute, using biomechanics and a wide-range of criteria, tested the Bigshot for durability, heat protection, cushioning, and lateral support. Dr. Marcus Elliot, founder of P3, confirms the results. The K-Swiss Bigshot is the fastest shoe they have ever tested.
Perhaps the test itself can be viewed as a marketing tactic, but that doesn’t prevent dozens of professional tennis players from sporting this model. If these tests are accurate, it stands to reason that a shoe such as this may give a sizeable edge over the course of a three-hour match. Simply put, slight advantages on every set may be the difference-maker on close matches.

In addition to performance advantage, shoe durability plays a large part in the player’s toolbox. Most Professionals bring several pairs of shoes on a single tour, and shoes that consistently stand the test of time seem to be the obvious choice. However, non-professional players seem to gravitate to them as well.

Hans Paino, CEO of, said “If I know I am going to play hard for a few hours, I tend to reach for my pair of Bigshot’s. I have about a dozen shoes I wear, but when I need quick response from my footwear, I lean on K-Swiss more often than not.”
Paino also hinted that the company makes it easy for consumers by integrating top-notch technology, back up with excellent warranties, such as Aosta 7.0 high abrasion rubber outsoles, which comes with a six-month outsole guarantee.
K-Swiss continues to build on its performance heritage. Whether you are seeking the latest technology, such as the “Tubes” line of shoes, or prefer a more traditional design with their “Classic” model, you won’t be disappointed.
Since its inception in 1966, K-Swiss continues to impress. Professionals and hobbyists alike have relied on the quality design and engineering for decades. The K-Swiss Bigshot isn’t the latest model, but it’s clear it may endure as one of the best.

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