New Wilson Tennis Bag! Tour 15 Pack Has More Room Store Your Stuff, Even Racquets Too!

November 5th, 2011

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Wilson Tour 15 Pack Tennis Bag (Red/ Wht)

When I heard that Wilson came out with the Tour 15 Pack tennis bag that could store 15 racquets, I could not contain my excitement. Although I did not camp out at the tennis supply store like an iPhone fanatic at an Apple store waiting to buy the latest offering, I still had to get this bag as soon as possible.

I have long sung the praises for the high capacity set of Wilson tennis bags, not only for their ability to store a lot of racquets, but also for their ability to store a lot of items other than racquets, and to serve as a makeshift suitcase in a pinch.

But those were 12 racquet bags, why the need for a 15 racquet bag? Simple, it’s in response to players who needed more room for clothing and accessories. If you brought 10-12 racquets to a tournament, many of the 12 racquet bags did not have room for anything else. The Tour 15 Pack allows you to bring some clothing and accessories in addition to your 10-12 racquets. Of course, if you need to bring 15 racquets you can do that, but you won’t have room for much else.

The bag does not have any new technology compared to previous Wilson tennis bags, but that’s not a negative by any means. You still get the same MoistureGuard lining to protect racquets from moisture damage and the same ThermoGuard lining to insulate racquets from damaging heat as before. Additional compartments hold MP3 players and small accessories. You can carry the bag with the conventional handle or on your back using the backpack straps.

The Tour 15 Pack bag simply takes an already successful design of earlier Wilson tennis bags and expands the storage capacity. Although it’s a simple enhancement, it’s still one that many customers will embrace.

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