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Our Thoughts on the New Babolat SFX Tennis Shoes

May 18th, 2012

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Our Thoughts on the New Babolat SFX Tennis Shoes

The newest and most exciting brand to jump into the competitive market of tennis shoes is Babolat, and their new SFX shoe is their newest in a line that is growing in popularity.

Babolat SFX tennis shoes may not have the straps and other bells and whistles of the Propulse series, but it is still a very high performing shoe that has gotten great feedback in its short time on the market.

The shoe is available for both men and women, and comes in blue or white for men, or just white for women. Micheline and Babolat teamed up to create the most durable sole on the market, assuring that the highest grade rubber stands between your feet and the court. The herringbone design on the soles provides excellent traction on even the slickest of clay courts, so you can expect that Michelin traction to transfer over to hard courts or other alternative surfaces. The rubber is also great for shock absorption, so for those with weak ankles and knees, this shoe would be a great option.

The Babolat SFX tennis shoe has a fairly normal fit to it, although it does have a wider toe box. For men with bunions or hammertoes, the extra space can lead to more comfort and higher function, as well as more surface area to push off at the forefoot, giving an extra spring to your step. It is also great for women that have narrower heels and wider forefoots. The heel is constructed to prevent slipping in the back, so for the women that have trouble finding a shoe that holds in the heel, this one may be your answer.

The SFX also features a Babolat tennis shoe patented cushioning system on the heel called the Kompressor system, which is great for those seeking more comfort in the back of the shoe. Wear testers applaud the lateral stability of this shoe, but the one knock has been a lack of ventilation, making the inside of the shoe a little warmer than most.

The Babolat SFX tennis shoe sells for $99, and for the frequent players, comes with a 6 month outsole guarantee, so you can send in your worn out pair and receive a free pair if it is within 6 months of purchase.

If you’re looking for a shoe with a wide front, skinny back, lots of cushioning, and a lightweight performance oriented feel, the Babolat SFX tennis shoe may be the right one for you.



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