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Professional Grade Stringing Machines: A Large but Worthwhile Investment

December 31st, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Court Equipment Reviews

Professional Grade Stringing Machines A Large but Worthwhile Investment

When buying a personal stringing machine, price is most likely a huge determining factor but when looking for a professional grade stringing machine, cost is typically less of a determinant.

Budget is always going to be a concern when making a large purchase but, with a professional stringing machine, no matter what, it is going to cost several thousands of dollars.

The high cost of professional grade stringing machines is due to the fact that these machines must be durable and efficient.

The Technifibre TF 8000 is an extremely high tech stringing machine that allows you to measure the amount of string you need for a job, reducing waste. The TF 8000 is enhanced with many other technological aspects like it`s pre-stretch feature, a keypad for accurate digital control, a clutchable tension head and a five speed traction.

The Babolat Sensor is a result of four years of research. It`s advanced ergonomic design makes it one of the top professional grade stringing machines that money can buy with a six point professional mounting system, dual action quick-release string clamps and a quick-release tension head.

Similar to Babolat`s Sensor, the Prince 6000 stringing machine has a six point mounting system, a tension head recognized for it`s quiet operation and an advanced clamping system.

Professional grade stringing machines are a large investment but can ultimately pay for themselves by saving time and cutting costs.


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