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Tennis Stringing Machines Fit Any Budget

December 21st, 2011 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Stringing Machines Fit Any Budget

Tennis Stringing Machines are often overlooked by many tennis players but, if used properly, they can be huge time and money savers. They are offered in such a wide array of prices that you are sure to find one within your budget.

The Gamma X-2 Stringing Machine is a low-cost table top model with a 2 point mounting system. It has a drop wright ratcheting tension mechanism with an 8-90lb range, a nickel chrome plated steel bar turntable that is lightweight aluminum extrusion construction, yet maintains its strength. There is also a String package included with a 3 set of Gamma String, USRSA Stringing Tutorial and RSI Magazine. Tools are also included with a Gamma Pathfinder Awl, awl, pliers and a razor cutter. Another great quality of this stringing machine is a 5 year limited warranty.

A bit more expensive is the Gamma X-6FC stringing machine, a table top model with a 6 point Quick Mount support system with dual action, diamond coated, swivel string clamps with self-locking adjustment knob. This model also has the drop weight ratcheting tension mechanism with an 8-90lb range, a diamond coated ratchet gripper and a quick action die cast aluminum string clamp base and a 5 year warranty for added protection.

The Gamma 5003 6-PT stringing machine which has a manual spring tension winder with a 9-90lbs/4-43kg) tension range, a patented rotational string guide and a diamond coated string gripper. The 6 point Quick Mount System has a top-side clamp down system to reduce obstructions that can snag string. This model has a 360 degree turntable rotation and you can adjust the height from 36” to 48”. Also comes with a 5 year warranty.

Climbing up in price is the Prince Precision Tuning Center which I would call a “smart” stringing machine in that it allows you to measure the weight, balance and swing weight of not only tennis racquets but racquetball, squash and badminton racquets. The Precision Tuning Center also lets you generate your own before-and-after measurements to see what changes you should make if needed.

Next is the Tecnifibre TF 8000 Stringing machine, which is pricy but worth the money. This machine was used at the French Open-Roland Garros and many ATP tournaments including Paris-Bercy, Berlin, Doha and Marseille. It has a clutchable tension head which lets you pull a very short string and has adjustable height.

Stringing machines are a worthwhile investment in that they save time and eventually pay for themselves; especially with multiple tennis players under one roof. They are available from around $150.00 up to $5,000 so you won’t have a problem finding the perfect one for you.


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