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Question: Wilson tennis shoes: from very bad to very good!

September 14th, 2011

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Wilson tennis shoes

A few years ago, you couldn't find many top players wearing Wilson tennis shoes. However, recently, more tour players are using them and many club players have noticed that Wilson makes some good shoes.

Why the change in the past couple of years? I think Wilson realized that they had been dominating the racquet and string market but they had not really focused on top level footwear.

What is different about their shoes? A couple of things have changed.
1) Wilson shoes used to be known only for their durability. If you needed a shoe that was durable, a Wilson tennis shoe would be your answer. Unfortunately, those shoes weighed a ton. The newer Wilson tennis shoes are both durable and lightweight.
2) They never made any really top level shoes. The shoes that Wilson came out with were always good but never great. What I mean by that is a top level player needs a shoe that is lightweight, durable and gives you maximum lateral stability.
One or all of these were missing from Wilson shoes. In response to the problem, Wilson came out with the Tour Vision. This shoe incorporates all 3 of these very important features.

Wilson has done a much better job in the past 5 years of introducing more performance tennis shoes to the market. Hopefully we will see many more Wilson tennis shoes gracing the pro courts in the near future.

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