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Tennis Backpacks Are a Great Option for Many Commuters

December 29th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Tennis Backpacks

With gasoline at well over $3 per gallon and global economic instability that could make that price go even higher, many people are re-evaluating their commuting habits. They have gone from driving larger vehicles to smaller ones, and some choose not to drive at all, opting for bicycles or public transit. Fuel-conscious people who also play tennis should take a look at the many fine tennis backpacks the market has to offer.

If you frequently ride a bicycle, then it's a no-brainer—you're going to use a tennis backpack. There is simply no better way to lug your tennis gear around when riding on two wheels, than these hands-free bags.

They are also a good space-saving option for people who use public transit, especially at peak times when trollies and buses are full of riders. Many transit authorities have strict regulations limiting the size of bags and carry-on items. San Diego's Metropolitan Transit System, for example, announced recently that it will begin enforcing more strict carry-on regulations in March 2012. For many tennis players using mass transit, tennis backpacks become more than a good option—they are required equipment.

What if you don't commute by bicycle or public transit? What if you drive a car like most people do? Tennis backpacks are still a great, space saving option. Your grandmother's 1970 Chevy Impala that had a trunk the size of a studio apartment is a thing of the past. Cars continue to get smaller with models like the Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa and the new SmartCars becoming more popular. Large, multi-racquet bags may not fit too well in these cars, especially with other items inside.

The movement to consume less fuel has made it necessary for many tennis players to use or at least consider using tennis backpacks. Whether they ride bicycles, use mass transit, or drive smaller cars, those who wish to be efficient in fuel consumption must also be efficient in the space their tennis bags take up.


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