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User Friendly Tennis Tool Helps Master the Serve

July 5th, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Training Aids, Tennis Lifestyle, Youth Sports


For tennis players who aspire to perform and serve at the optimum level, the Total Serve is designed for you. Based on knowledge of physical movements and different sporting activities, owner and inventor Lisa Dodson has created a tool that educates players what the accurate tennis serve and throwing motion “feel like.” Lisa has enjoyed an illustrious career in tennis. For more then 30 years, she has played tennis professionally, coached, managed tennis clubs and acted as the USTA professional tournament director. She has coached tennis players as young as 5 and as old as 85!

But for many years, she used a tube sock with 3 tennis balls in it to help players understand what the proper serve should feel like. The sock, however, did not have a solid grip. Lisa says, “I found so much success with my clients with this simple tool that I decided to make a professional, complete and durable product out of it. After doing a search I couldn't believe that no one had actually made some sort of product like this already.”

Since Lisa did not have the previous knowledge or experience with product development and manufacturing, she contacted a local rubber manufacturer who created a prototype mold which was put to the test. After that, all of the necessary steps were taken and 2 years later, the Total Serve was available on the market.

The Total Serve focuses on the movements coordinated by the entire body to produce an effective and powerful serve. This unique tool is utilized by tennis professionals, coaches and international players from all levels, including junior players. To accurately practice the serve and to produce a more fluid motion, the player must know the correct racquet grip, the correct upward swing, and proper use of legs.

But the product is not limited to practicing tennis serves. The Total Serve may also be used for rehabilitation purposes. It is available in three different lengths and is compact, lightweight and portable. It easily fits in any athletic bag or backpack. The various sizes are appropriate for children and for people who are smaller framed. Sufficient space on the tennis court is essential when swinging the Total Serve.

Drew and Alecia Machholz are Tennis pros and 10 & Under promoters who include the Total Serve in their coaching sessions.

“We have loved using The total Serve®! It has helped tremendously with our players that have a broken serve (starting behind the head) for developing the full motion. It is a great tool to smooth out rhythm and timing on serves and it is easy to teach with and use. We have used it with kids age 4 and up and it has been AWESOME!



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