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What Tennis Backpacks Offer That Regular Backpacks Do Not

February 26th, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Tennis Backpacks

When talking about tennis equipment, most people think of racquets, shoes, and balls. But what do you use to carry all that equipment to and from the court? There are several different tennis backpacks available now, of different shapes, sizes, and functions to meet your needs.

The main reason normal backpacks do not work so well for tennis equipment is the way the racquets fit in the bag. Normal backpacks loaded with 2 tennis racquets do not accommodate for the grips sticking out the top, which causes the zipper to loosen as you walk, increasing the chances of losing your items, or the grips hitting you in the back of the head when you’re walking.

Tennis backpacks have a separate compartment for racquets, allowing it to fully zip up while leaving room for the grips to stick out. This leaves more room for your other items in the other pockets. These backpacks are made specifically for athletes, which is why many of them feature drink holders on the side for your water, as well as isolated compartments for wet clothing after those hot, sweaty summer days.

Also, for the people who don’t like to carry their bag as a sling with one strap, a tennis backpack has 2 straps so you can walk with evenly distributed weight on your back, making longer trips to and from the car much easier.

The convenience of having a smaller bag means it won’t take up your whole backseat or trunk to fit a bulky tennis bag. You can find tennis backpacks from Babolat, Wilson, Prince, among others, as well as women’s tennis backpacks from Jet and Whak Sak.



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