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Tennis backpacks offer form and stability

September 30th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Babolat Team Backpack

More and more I have noticed motorcyclists with a couple of racquet heads sticking out of their backpacks; I hope they know that they make tennis backpacks with them in mind.

The last time I saw a couple of racquets speeding down the freeway, I tore my eyes from the shiny chrome mufflers and took a good look at the tennis backpack. It was soft and the racquets looked like they were twisted through straps that were made for carrying. It didn’t look secure.

One thing most tennis backpacks have in common is a sturdy PVC construction made to withstand what I thought was just rough treatment. Now I realize that these panels are vital when traveling at high speeds on the freeway.

The other thing tennis backpacks have that other backpacks don’t is the racquet handle keyhole. The zipper is designed in two parts so that it can zip completely and lock in place, securing the racquet inside.

Tennis bags are sport specific and made with tennis players’ needs in mind, tennis backpacks are made for tennis players who need enough room for all of their gear and need to protect that gear while flying through traffic at breakneck speeds.

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