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What to Consider When Purchasing a Tennis Bag

February 24th, 2012

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To be an effective tennis player, one must have equipment.  Racquets, shoes, balls, clothes, water, and many other things are required whether going to hit with a friend or playing in the US Open.  If you want to be able to carry all of that equipment hassle free, then you’ll need a tennis bag.

The most important aspect of the tennis bag is the shape; they are made especially for racquets and often are sized by the amount of racquets one could fit in the bag.  For example, a 3 pack bag means that it would effectively hold up to 3 racquets, but most likely wouldn’t hold any other items very well.  A 6, 9, 12, or 15 pack is also commonly seen, but nobody except for professionals owns 15 racquets so the extra space would be for someone who has lots of extra items.

Some other features that will help you determine what tennis bag is right for you include the carrying straps, amount of pockets, climate control technology, as well as the material the bag is made of.

With carrying straps, most bags have a large sling strap for over the shoulder as well as a couple smaller straps to carry by hand.  However, some of the larger tennis bags will include backpack style straps, allowing you to carry your bag behind your back, making it easier to walk longer distances with a heavy bag.

The amount of pockets must be correct as well, and most bags divide the compartments into racquets, larger pockets, and smaller pockets.  Make sure that you can fit all of your items in the tennis bag you’re purchasing.

Many bags now include climate control technology (Head and Wilson have their own versions of this) that keep your tennis bag cool on the inside in hot weather.  This can be useful for retaining tension in your strings and keeping your water bottle cool.

And finally, make sure your tennis bag fits where you need it!  Some are more rigid on the outside, and some are softer and easier to fold into tight compartments.  If you travel, try to find one that can be used as a carry on.  You’ll find tennis bags made by Head, Wilson, Dunlop, Babolat, Prince, Volkl, Yonex, and many others, but make sure to find the right bag for you!


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