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Which Wilson BLX is Right for You?

April 29th, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX Tennis Racquet

The Wilson BLX line of racquets is the most technologically advanced to date, and that is because of the use of Basalt.

If you don’t know what basalt is, it’s a volcanic rock that provides a material that is excellent with shock absorption, and is also great with giving feedback on your shot, meaning you can feel the ball off your racquet in the best way possible.

This may seem like a drastic shift in technology for Wilson, but it really is simple. 

They still have popular frames like the Six-One 90 (the Roger Federer racquet) as well as the Pro Open (the chosen racquet of the Bryan brothers), but these new editions have the basalt weaved in with the materials they used in past generations, so for those familiar with certain frames, you can rest assured it will still feel very similar, but with minor improvements. 

In fact, when Wilson gave the BLX racquets to testers, they removed the in frame dampening system, and the testers still responded with rave reviews, especially about the lack of shock from the racquet. 

So, now you may be wondering, which BLX racquet would be best for me? 

A good starting point would be the Pro Open BLX, which plays very similar to the extremely popular Babolat Pure Drive

For those seeking a great balance between power and control, you can’t go wrong with this racquet.  For those who are beginners, and need a little extra pop to play, the Cirrus One BLX would be a good option. 

This racquet has adequate head size, light weight, and the right balance for those looking to get some speed and consistency behind their shot.  And if you’re an advanced player looking for maximal control, the Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90 would be the way to go.  So if you’re looking for a racquet with great feel and the winning consistency that Wilson has provided for decades, then the Wilson BLX line of racquets should be right for you!

So when deciding which tennis grip you want, make sure to consider tackiness, feel, and whether or not you want to change your grip every few times you play.



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