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Youth Sports Camps—Enhancing Your Child’s Athletic Abilities

July 2nd, 2012

filed in Youth Sports


Guest article by Bryon Blandin

No one knows what sport will produce the next great athlete. However, that future athlete is most likely a child just getting involved in sports or working hard to improve their athletic skills. Many parents of a sport athlete understand that with an effective recipe of coaching, training and perseverance, the next great athlete could very well be one of their children.

Youth sports camps can be an ideal experience for your son or daughter to receive advanced training and coaching from professionals who understand what it takes to blossom the talent each child has within.

Opening Doors

Even if the pinnacle position of any sport will never be a place where your child stands, there is hope of achieving an athletic scholarship to help offset the expense of their continuing education. Additionally, it is important to understand that a well-rounded student athlete can easily achieve prestigious recognition for their sports accomplishments in high school and college that will open doors for them in their later years.

Taking the Long View

Success in youth sports can be measured in a variety of ways, although it is usually ranked by ability and potential. To achieve their highest potential each child needs to optimize their physical, sociological and physiological makeup. Most children are involved in an organized sport by the age of nine, through their school, or local organization. This interaction in youth sports provides benefits, even if they never take their sporting activities to the next level.

Youth Training

Today many youth sports camps use in a variety of tools proven effective in improving the athletic abilities of young people. Sports Conditioning training methods such as Sports Movement, Sports Balance and Sports Strength, can dramatically improve your child's capabilities to realize better results in their chosen sport. Overall, sports conditioning is essential for ensuring your child is never at risk as their body matures and changes. It also helps develop your child's athleticism using the secondary components of fitness to improve their agility, reactivity and balance.

Sports Movement

Sports Movement Training involves optimizing your child's abilities in agility, multidirectional speed, and quickness. The training optimizes their external reaction skills, along with acceleration and deceleration movements that both provides better results and minimizes injuries. By improving coordination, your child's skill levels will dramatically improve.

Sports Balance

Sports Balance is based on optimizing proprioception and kinesthetic awareness. Proprioception is an effective mind-body tool that opens communication between the central nervous system and parts of the body to optimize results. Kinesthetic awareness enhances the body's capabilities to coordinate a variety of motions and a full awareness of where each body part is at any given moment. Through training, your child can improve their internal reactivity by opening neuromuscular pathways to help their balance, which will enhance their results.

Sports Strength

Sports Strength encompasses multi-joint, whole body and muscular strength. Based on improving muscular endurance, and capacity, training involves optimizing movements to improve acidosis tolerance and the efficiency of muscle recovery.

What You Should Expect

The result your child should receive at a Sports Youth Camp include improved fitness, increased athleticism, and an understanding of the physical tools necessary to participate in their sports. They should have improved results both at practice and during competition along with experiencing an enhanced physicality to excel at their chosen sport. The ultimate goal of equality youth sports camp experience is to develop a positive connection between physically working out and feeling good about participating in sports.

Youth Sports Camps offer a valuable tool to student athletes because of their full understanding of a variety of training philosophies. These include exercise methodology, science, error detection, athletic mechanics and the active coaching process that are all essential to build a highly talented student athlete.


Bryon Blandin is the owner of Mambo Sports. Mambo Sports is committed to becoming the first complete national youth sports directory of up-to-date information for youth athletes.



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