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So Much To Know About Tennis Nets

February 24th, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Court Equipment Reviews

Tennis Nets

When buying a tennis net, there are a couple of very important things to consider. The main topics I will be discussing include the dimensions of the net, as well as the quality of the materials made to use the net.

The official height of tennis nets are 3’6” from the ends, and 3’ from the middle. There is a natural sagging in the middle, even when a net is fully tight, this is completely natural.

A court is 36’ wide between the doubles line, but it is recommended to put the net posts 3’ from the doubles lines, bringing the total length of the net to 42’.

As far as the materials the net is made of, it is important not to skimp on a few important features. The most important net feature would be the headband, which is commonly referred to as “the tape” by players. The headband encloses the wire used to keep the net taught, as well as connecting to the actual net material.

It is important when purchasing the tennis net to make sure that it has AT LEAST 4 rows of polyester stitching, and some sort of UV protection so that the threads don’t wear down. Most tennis players miss in the same area, which is towards the middle and top of the net. The constant pounding the net receives wears down the threads that go through the headband, and sun damage can weaken those threads further.

The headband itself should be double layered to prevent cracking, but it won’t matter if the stitching isn’t top notch. The actual net body should be at least 3.5mm for the rope material, and it is recommended to have a double layer on the top 6-8” of the net, due to the fact that is where most players miss their shots.

And finally, make sure the stitching on the bottom of the tennis net well done, as there is frequently separation issues in that area if not done correctly.



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