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What’s so great about portable tennis nets?

October 21st, 2011

filed in Tennis Lifestyle

Portable Tennis Net

Portable tennis nets are not seen that often but they can be great to have if you love to play tennis.  This is so, because you can set it up and play tennis anytime or pretty much anywhere you want to.

I have had die-hard tennis players that would take their portable tennis net with them on every road trip they took.  They would be up in the mountains doing some camping….out came the portable tennis net.

They would be visiting the in-laws for Thanksgiving and needed some exercise…out came the portable tennis net.

Many schools in cold climates use the portable tennis nets when they only have one indoor sports facility.  They will put the basketball goals up for the basketball game then take them down and set-up the tennis court.

The uses for portable tennis nets are endless but as long as you have a net and some lines, you can play tennis wherever you are.

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