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Tennis Bags for Women Make a Charitable Impact

February 25th, 2012

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Designer tennis bags for women

Designer tennis bags for women

Designer tennis bags for women

Stylish tennis bags for women have become quite a trend and moreelegant and creative designs are coming out every season.

Style and fashion (and looking fabulous) make women feel great, but helping others while doing it makes us feel even better. There are several great companies that donate proceeds from bag sales to those less fortunate.

Stephanie Sumarsono of Court Couture is a shining example of what a difference one can make. She is one of the top designers of tennis bags for women who love fashion on the courts and portions of the proceeds from the sales of her bags go to her chosen charity. Global reach Africa is a missionary group that builds churches internationally and specifically in undeveloped areas.

Bag to Save a Life is another charity that utilizes women’s love of bags to reach those in need. While this charity is not tennis centric, a woman’s love of designer bags is universal and should not be neglected.

Looking great is a testament to how a woman feels, but looking great while making a difference is an even greater testament to how a woman feels about her world.



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