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Prince EXO3 White Tennis Racquet Review

February 16th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

I have to say up front that I was predisposed to not like this racquet. I was sponsored by Prince for a while a few years back, and not only did I not like the racquets that much, I found the roundish shape of the handles to be problematic. So the first thing I noticed when I picked this racquet up to hit with it, was the nice squarish traditional type panels on the grip and the textured grip material which made the handle very easy to grip and very comfortable to play with. Then I started playing min-tennis with a junior player to warm them up for their lesson and we were having longer rallies than usual right away, largely because I could spin the ball with a softer spin and a higher loop with this racquet right away. The kid I was hitting with has a spin based game already and before long we were hitting from corner to corner, land the ball in the middle of the service box and trying to out-spin the other person with severe spin and angle. It was really fun and I think that is the thing I like best about this frame. It is just a fun racquet to hit with.



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